Game Plan for Growth

  • 1) Strategic Review: 

    A 360-degree review of your current local marketing support, with a
    breakdown of areas of opportunity and recommendations.


    • Information gathering
    • User Interviews
    • Evaluation

    Output: Strategic Game Plan

  • 2) Recommendations:

    We work with some of the leading tech providers, from Listings & Reputation Management to Digital Experiences to DAM & Analytics - we’ll help you decide what configuration would drive the most value.


    • Recommend tech & services
    • Conduct introductions, demos and negotiations
    • Pricing and Timeline

    Output: Actionable Game Plan

  • 3) Execution:

    Whether you want to “Do It Yourself” or opt for “Do It For Me”, we will provide ongoing support as your network of users grows, and your needs expand.


    • Manage tech implementation
    • Strategic support for implementation and onboarding
    • Flexible ongoing support

    Output: Ongoing Game Plan