Game Plan for Growth

At On Locally, we specialize in assisting multi-location brands in evaluating, selecting, implementing, and providing ongoing support for technologies and services that generate significant marketing value for their distributed end-users.

In order to achieve this, we strongly believe that a strategic “Game Plan for Growth” needs to be created:

Our Three Step Process 

1) Strategic Review: 360-degree review of your current local marketing support, with a
breakdown of areas of opportunity and recommendations.

o   Information gathering 

o   User Interviews

o   Evaluation 

2) Recommendations: we work with some of the leading tech providers, from Listings and Reputation Management to Digital Experiences and Sites to Digital Asset
Management and Analytics - we’ll help you decide what configuration would drive the most value for you.

o   Formal ‘proposal’

o   Recommended tech and services

o   Pricing and Timeline

3) Execution: whether you want to “Do It Yourself” or opt for “Do It For Me”, we will provide ongoing support as your network of users grows, and your needs expand.

o   PM any tech implementation

o   Strategic support for implementation and onboarding

o   Flexible ongoing support

Who We Are

Dominic Le Claire - Dominic is a strategic thinker and a smart worker, an experienced sales leader with a strong background in marketing and revenue generation. His expertise lies in understanding the customer’s needs and creating innovative solutions to address them. He is an effective problem-solver who can identify opportunities even in difficult situations.He believes in hard work and dedication towards achieving success, no matter how long it takes or how many obstacles arise along the way. With this attitude, Dominic has managed to build a successful career that continues to grow each day. LinkedIn

Holly Vout - Holly is a highly skilled individual, combining commercial acumen and expertise in marketing and eCommerce. Her strategic thinking, attention to detail and smart approach to work make her stand out from the crowd. In addition, Holly has an affinity for working out and horse riding, enjoys spending time with friends and loves being a dog mum. With her passion for success, enthusiasm for creativity, strong interpersonal skills and excellent problem-solving ability, Holly is determined to continue growing her career to new heights. LinkedIn

Rebecca Wood - Rebecca is a corporate training professional from Cambridge, England. She has a passion for the education industry and uses her unique skillset to help companies build their teams. Rebecca is a strategic thinker, a smart worker, and an expert in training. Rebecca also enjoys spending time with friends, listening to music, and travelling whenever she can.No matter what venture she embarks on, Rebecca’s creative writing skills are always an asset. Her ability to think strategically and work hard have helped her succeed in various roles throughout her career. She continues to strive for excellence in everything she does and looks forward to new challenges each day

Mia Clark - a student of design, Mia brings a creative force to the team, constantly pushing the boundaries of how a Brand can appeal to their target demographic.

Our Industries

For over 20 years the team at On Locally has worked with some of the largest brands, across multiple industries.

Franchise - from new and emerging Franchises to established Brands with hundreds of local franchisees, Brand-to-Local, supported by technology and services is a must-have.

Retail - from clicks to bricks, any retail chain needs to be able to convert online interest into local visits and revenue. A Brand-to-Local strategy, supported by technology and services can ensure online interest becomes in-store purchases.

Manufacturers - supporting local dealers and distributors, either physical or service areas, is critical for any manufacturer using local channels. Ensuring they're supported with a local presence and marketing efforts is vital in maintaining the channel and driving revenues.

Restaurants - restaurants with multiple local entities have a unique need beyond local marketing. The ability to integrate streamlined menus and ordering into a local digital presence is not just essential, but expected by consumers.

What They Say

Dominic's blend of strategic acumen, critical thinking, and collaborative leadership make him an exceptional talent in the CRO / CSO space. His ability to drive revenue and strategic growth, coupled with his dedication to team success, sets him apart. Any organization would benefit greatly from his contributions.

- Mark Michael (CEO @DevHub)

He's a seasoned, results-oriented leader in MarTech, with a passion for the franchise industry, marketing, and SaaS. So we've always had lots in common. It was clear to me from day one that his primary focus is on providing innovative solutions that deliver an impressive return on investment. For the last 8 years Dom’s focus has been ‘brand to local’ with a number of market-leading SAAS providers such as DevHub and Pica9. This is where we have really connected. There's nothing he enjoys more than empowering brands to connect with their customers through their local marketing. Oh, that is apart from walking his whippets which I understand always enjoy our musings on the future of local marketing.

- Peter Cronin (Agency Leader at WeAreAcuity)