How can Franchise brands successfully maintain local consistency?

How can Franchise brands successfully maintain local consistency?

In this blog, we'll talk about how important brand consistency is for Franchises, how to maintain reputation and Tone of Voice, and how to encourage more Marketing whilst protecting your Brand? Additionally, we’ll talk about ways to engage trusted partners to support your effort, and how they can best support Brand communication and education. Lastly, a common question, should you use a carrot or stick?

Many franchisors invest millions of dollars into building their brand, and in order to keep that brand consistent across all marketing channels they must enforce a strict set of guidelines. Any deviation from this can cause loss of faith in the channel among consumers. Badly executed local marketing can damage your reputation and credibility.

Small and emerging Franchises can manage reputation and Tone of Voice in a more manual manner—working closely with individual Franchisees to position the appropriate tone and content. But there comes a tipping point: once it becomes large enough, you must implement automated solutions. The tipping point usually occurs when you have between 15 and 20 Franchisees. To support them at scale, you need to start hiring people—both internally, as well as third-party vendors for technology and services.

The answer to increasing your Marketing efforts while protecting Brand Identity? – Make it simple, make it easy; provide options beyond tech. Drive corporate expertise down to individual Franchisees—find trusted partners that provide a financial incentive.

How do you engage trusted partners? – Identify your specific needs, as well those of the local Franchisee. It’s not "one-size-fits all" engagement

Find a franchise partner whose services are compatible with your business model, who engages well with both corporate and franchisees, and is flexible enough to work within an established brand. Double-check that this company won’t trap you into using its services for years at a time!

How to best support your brand identity and communications initiatives through leveraging trusted partners—most technology or services providers will be familiar with multiple franchise organizations and can provide communication training at little or no cost.

The more engagement they drive, the greater value they’re creating for themselves.

There’s no doubt that carrots work better than sticks when it comes to motivating your customers, but in the franchise world there are more diverse end-user groups than any other industry.

Franchisees come from all walks of life, but most are intelligent and successful businesspeople who understand that a franchise is about playing by the rules. They don’t always think they know better than corporate marketing—but some will claim to do just that!

If you are thinking about using a stick to enforce branding consistency and reduce rogue marketing campaigns, just make sure that you use it sparingly—and only when absolutely necessary.

Additionally, effective data and analytics can be used to encourage those Franchisees who are doing well with the carrot of recognition as a successful business owner. At the same time, you can use supporting data from that group's locations to help motivate other struggling units.

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